You may have an itch to sell your home from time to time and go on the hunt for something new. Below are four hints that the time might be right to out your home up for sale!

Your cash savings and equity are built up!

  • You have significant cash savings to help with a down payment on a new home
  • Your existing home has considerable equity

The market is great for sellers

  • There is a low inventory in the market.
  • Home appreciation has been on an uptick.
  • Time of the year is also important, you want to consider putting your house on the market during the spring and early summer time frame.

Your home is in good condition and ready to sell

  • All of your major home improvement projects are wrapped up.
  • There are no outstanding issues with your home.
  • Your homes finishes are comparable to existing homes on the market.

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Your lifestyle has changed and you need a new home to accomodate

  • Kids — need more space
  • Married or engaged — move to a larger or more permanent home
  • New job — want to move closer to workplace