So, you are ready to settle down and buy a home. Perhaps you just got engaged and married and are looking to seal the deal by purchasing a home. Odds are your family will be growing in the future and you want to take that into consideration when looking for a home to grow into! Captain Home Finder has a quick list of items you should be considering when purchasing a home with a future family in mind.


Beyond the obvious question of, “Is this house big enough for both of us and kids?”, there are a handful of other space considerations you should have top-of-mind when house hunting!

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  • Space consideration #1: Floor Plan
    • How many bedrooms does the house have?
      • Where are the bedrooms located? Specifically, are they on the same level or scattered amongst various floors. If you have a future newborn you may prefer having all or most of the bedrooms on the same floor so you don’t need to walk up and down stairs in the middle of the night when caring for a newborn! On the flip-side some may like the idea to keep noise isolated away from the nursery.
    • How many bathrooms does the house have?
      • Will you and you children be fighting over the shower in the morning down the road? Are there multiple bathrooms? If not, can the floor plan accommodate your current and future life style?
    • Is the floor plan open?
      • Most parents enjoy the concept of an open floor plan because they can keep a watchful eye of their children when they are in a different room (for example, cooking in the kitchen and watching a toddler playing in the living room).
    • Space consideration #2: Yard
      • Does the home have a nice area for kids or pets to play?
        • Not every house can check this box, but it is something to consider if it’s a “need” or a “want” during your home search.
      • Is the yard fenced in?
        • This is a bonus, especially if you have a pet!
      • Space consideration #3: Proximity to busy street
        • Does the location of the home feel safe for children?

Weigh the pros and cons of a home if it is located on a busy street


Proximity to work, friends & family, and hobbies is something else to consider when selecting the ideal home for a future family.

  • Commute consideration #1: Distance to work
    • Does the location of the home give both parents a decent commute to work?
    • How close are you to accessing highways?
  • Commute consideration #2: Distance to friends and family
    • How often do you find yourself going over to friends’ houses or family members? What is their proximity to the home’s location?
  • Commute consideration #3: Distance to hobbies or communities
    • Do you and your significant other have a hobby like biking or yoga and are part of a group? Do you want to stay close to this community in your new home?
    • Do you attend a church or other group frequently? Do you mind having to move away from this?


The surrounding schools in a home’s location is a HUGE factor in most parents list of priorities when selecting a future home. Schools might be a hard consideration for newly engaged or wed couples as they may have no children and are years from having any. If you are planning on purchasing a house and staying there for a long time, it would be logical to take a peek at schools!

  • Schools consideration #1: Zoned public schools
    • What school district is the house zoned for? How are they rated?
      • Great Schools is a useful resource to find nearby schools for a location or specific address!
    • Does the location of the house have access to school bus or would you children need to walk or be dropped off at school? Considering you would be making the round-trip about 180 times a year, you will want to make sure the commute is viable to your lifestyle!
  • Schools consideration #2: Early education programs
    • What’s the availability and cost of nearby early-learning programs?

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Parks, Recreation, and Entertainment

Not only do you want a house with the right floor plan, proximity to work, and in a great school district, you will want to consider its access to amenities such as parks & rec and other entertainment options!

  • Amenities consideration #1: Proximity to parks and trails
    • When you start having kids you will appreciate having access to paved trails for pushing around a stroller or a great city park to blow off some toddler steam!
  • Amenities consideration #2: Proximity to entertainment
    • Are you close to family friendly options to have some fun?
      • Movie theaters
      • Bowling alleys
      • Kid zones
    • Amenities consideration #3: Proximity to restaurants
      • Love going out to eat? Consider if there are local restaurant options near the house

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